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The Hannan Fund

The Hannan Fund is the cornerstone of the Advancement office. Contributing to the Hannan Fund is the most impactful avenue for a stakeholder to partner with Archbishop Hannan High School in carrying its mission.


… in the infinite potential of every student.

... in the transformative power of prayer coupled with dedicated teachers, staff, and coaches.

… in the strength that comes from the Hannan Family.

 that charity leads to perfection.

Ensuring Every Child's Success

As a tuition-financed Catholic school, Archbishop Hannan High School walks a fine line between keeping tuition affordable and providing our faculty and staff with a competitive salary. These talented professionals work tirelessly educating and forming every Hannan student. In response to this challenge, the School has decided to allocate proceeds from the Hannan Fund to go directly toward a merit-based bonus for our teachers and staff, allowing us to better retain the talented men and women that make such a tremendous impact on our students.

We are also very aware of the times we live. We know, and have heard from, families who have been adversely affected by COVID-19. In being true to our identity as a Catholic school we want to help and act with compassion to our Hannan families who are suffering during this unprecedented time. We will also use funds from the Hannan Fund to assist our Hannan families affected by this pandemic.

Your help is needed. Show your belief in our mission as we form faith-filled servant leaders who act with compassion and integrity. All gifts are truly appreciated for we know God loves a cheerful giver. So, whether you give $25 or $25,000, know your gift is doing great works and our faculty and staff know you believe in them.

Everyone Counts

Truly no gift is too small, or too large! The real success of the Hannan Fund is to get 100 percent participation from its families. Yes, we have financial goals we must achieve, however, your tax deductible gift is an immeasurable proclamation of confidence you have in the mission of Archbishop Hannan High School.

Donate to the Hannan Fund