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Welcome to the Hannan Parent Page

The Archbishop Hannan Parent Page provides parents with a number of useful functions which will help and enrich your Hannan experience. Please consider this your one-stop for quick access to news, information, and parent resources

Questions on Your Canvas Account

How do I create my parent Canvas account?

Parents have to create their own account by going to and clicking on “Parent of a Canvas User?” See video instructions here or step-by-step walkthrough here.

What is my Canvas username?

Your email address that you use to create your account will be your username.

What is my Canvas password?

You will create your own password. If you forget it at any time you can click “Forgot Password” on the parent login page.

Do I need different Canvas accounts for each of my children at Hannan?

No. You can add students to your observer account by following the instructions here.

Do I have different passwords on the mobile app and the website?

Your password for the mobile app and the website is the same. On the Canvas Parent App, use the Login with Canvas button. For step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Canvas Parent App click here.

How do I navigate the Canvas Parent App?

Please see the appropriate Canvas Parent Mobile Guide here.

How do I view my child's calendar?

How do I check the grades for assignments completed in Canvas?

Click on the Grades icon in Canvas; however, please remember that these grades only reflect work completed in Canvas and that PowerSchool is the official grade book of record for Archbishop Hannan High School.

Are these my child's official grades?

The official grade book at Archbishop Hannan High School can be found in PowerSchool. This is what is used to calculate GPA and transcript information.

Why are there more grades in PowerSchool than in Canvas?

A student may have more grades in PowerSchool than in Canvas if a teacher adds paper-based assignments to PowerSchool that were not submitted and/or graded in Canvas.

How do I contact my child's teacher?

You can contact the instructor of the course in Canvas by clicking on the Inbox icon and then clicking on the new message icon .

Do all of my child's teachers use Canvas?

Yes, but some teachers may utilize it more than others.

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