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Christian Service Program

Charity Leads to Perfection ... The Heart of The Hannan Way

Why Require Service? Service learning calls students to a deeper understanding of the Gospel by actively living out the message of Christ. As a Catholic high school, we are called to form students in faith, truth, and charity. Service learning provides a unique opportunity for students to cultivate these intrinsic Catholic virtues.

Charity Leads to Perfection. This idea is not only our motto, but encapsulates Archbishop Philip M. Hannan’s life and ministry. Following his example, we set high expectations for academic rigor and Christ-centered formation. Our Christian Service program encourages students to move beyond mere volunteerism toward a deeper understanding of authentic charity, applying classroom knowledge to the needs of our complex and diverse world.

Christian Service Requirements

8th, 9th, & 10th graders must complete a total of 10 hours each year, with 5 hours required per semester.

11th & 12th graders must complete a total of 20 hours each year, with 10 hours required per semester.

Hours may be completed during the summer prior to the current school year.

Completed hours may roll over from first semester to second semester, but will not roll over from year to year. (E.g. you may perform all/some of the second semester requirement during the first semester, but extra hours performed during the second semester will not carry over to first semester of the following year.)

Students must meet the required number of service hours each semester to be eligible for extracurricular activities. Seniors who do not complete their required hours may not participate in the graduation activities. All students who do not complete their service hours will be required to make up the hours over the summer before the beginning of the following school year.

Service hours are a graduation requirement at Archbishop Hannan High School; therefore, students must complete their hours to obtain their transcripts.

First semester hours are due the last day of exams in December, and all service hours must be completed by April 1st.

Recording Service Hours

Verification of the service hour requirement must be on the letterhead of the agency, church, or nonprofit organization where the service was done and should include the student’s name, grade, a brief description of the work done, the date(s) when the work was done, and the number of hours served.

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