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Science NHS Meeting
Science Lab Room 107

SO, are you concerned about the quality of water for Lake Pontchartrain, or any of the related waterways here on the north shore that may affect it or our neighborhoods? Have you spotted green water around that concerns you? Perhaps you are simply a concerned citizen who would like to know exactly what is in our waterways.

Would you like the chance to be trained by the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Fund as one of their water quality testers for a study they are conducting? You choose the waterway that concerns you, and LPBF will provide you with the training, water-collection kits, and you will learn to analyze the sample at no cost to you as part of their ongoing study!

This is a chance for you to be a part of a great program that is being made possible for the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Fund with support from the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, Hess Corporation, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, and Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.


LPBF is asking participants to collect water quality samples at any areas of interest to them (as frequently as you would like) and take them to the LPBF lighthouse for processing. You get to assess these samples for algae, microplastics, and salinity (and will be trained to do so)!! LPBF is going to provide you with all the materials needed to collect water samples, and we would love to see some more north shore citizens get involved!

I enjoy knowing that I can pull samples from any body of water on the north shore that concerns me (anywhere children often play, where people often fish, ANYwhere that concerns you), and those samples will help to be a part of the greater research that LPBF has been funded to conduct. The more people get involved, the more data they have to help their efforts toward determining whether our waterways are as safe as they could be.

Doctor Brady Skaggs, Director of Water Quality for LPBF will be conducting the training.

Please contact Mr Thacker at with any questions.