Head Coach - Errol Gauff

Errol Gauff is entering his fourth year as the head coach of our boys basketball program. Gauff is building a basketball program that has Faith, commitment, and hard work serving as the core of the program’s foundation.

We are committed to the total development of the young men in our program. With a commitment to appreciating and enhancing what God has blessed us with, we dedicate ourselves to the discipline of hard work and fundamentals, so our teams can achieve success and so our players can prepare themselves to be successful adults.

Assistant Coach - Dale Chimento

Assistant Coach/Head JV Coach - Jon Lanter

Boy's Basketball


Archbishop Hannan provides a young man with the opportunity to participate competitively at four levels. As long as we have willing and capable players to do so, Hannan will have an 8th, 9th, junior varsity (JV), and varsity team.

Development of a young man’s basketball knowledge and the fundamental skills of the sport are the focus of our junior high as we introduce our program’s philosophy.

As a young man progresses in levels in Hannan’s program the intensity and accountability of the development increases as we challenge the young men to compete at the highest of levels.