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Football - Mens Varsity


Archbishop Hannan High School has a long history of outstanding football. Since 1987, the Hawk Football program has formed young men of character who understand the value of teamwork, pride and honor. Their hard work and dedication paid off when they earned the title of State Runner-Up in the 2013 State Football Championship in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Whether you are a novice player or a seasoned veteran, there is a place for you in our program. The team has a ten game schedule of both district and non-district games that follows pre-season weight training, conditioning and practice. The coaches are committed to developing a strong program. Thus our philosophy is that the whole team practices together, although separated by varsity, JV, and freshman skill levels. This sharing of identical concepts in all aspects of the game allows players to move between teams if and when the need arises.

Hannan football players are committed to excellence in both academics and athletics. The program emphasizes this not only on the field, but off the field as well. Our Catholic values and the Gospel of Jesus Christ lie at the heart of all our athletic programs. They play with dignity whether in victory or defeat, and they strive to uphold the school’s commitment to service, character, and sportsmanship. As a result, they are formed into men of character, ethics, and sportsmanship.

Football players are encouraged to participate in other sports programs during the winter and spring, and most are multi-sport athletes.

Practice Information

The team practices every day from 3:30 - 6:00 PM. During the off-season and summer, players are expected to participate in the team strength and conditioning program.

Team Roster

# Name Position Height Weight Grade
1 Nicholas Hughes FB/RB 5' 9 173
2 Dawson Millen WR 5' 9 155 12
3 Spencer Georges TE 5-10 170 10
4 John Taylor QB 6-1 151 10
5 Seth Easterling C 5-6 153
6 Cameron O'Brien S 5-9 162 12
7 Cory Robinson QB 5-6 117 10
8 Trey Nunez DE 5' 10 177
9 Dylan Bagby TE 5-9 178 12
10 Victor Harvey WR/K 5-8 139 12
11 Kyle Glass LB 5-7 178
12 Noah Hughes LB 5-10 178
13 Zachary Wilson S 5-10 150
14 Jack Manson QB 5-10 162 11
15 Alexander Roux S 5-5 140 10
16 Blair Fritts LB 5-10 170 10
17 Brian Sisson C 5-7 145 11
18 Christopher Rabensteiner QB 5-9 152
19 Ezra Travers WR 5-6 126 11
20 Evan Brouillette C 5-9 156 12
21 Zachary Easterling LB 5-7 160
22 Brennan Ammari C 5-5 132 12
23 Jacob Gaude WR/P 6-2 190 12
24 Jake Dalmado RB 5-5 133 10
25 Evan Bechac WR 6-1 154 11
26 Israel Carrera LB 5-9 185 11
27 Colin Palazzalo WR 5-11 149 11
28 Mason Scariano WR 5-5 113 10
29 Drake De Alminana FB 5-3 141 10
30 Drew Gallo LB 5-11 168 12
31 Alexander Lala S 5-6 133 10
32 Logan Hakenjos S 5-8 130 11
33 Eli Caillouet LB 5-10 191 11
34 Wyatt Coffey LB 5-8 148 10
36 Joseph Willhoft RB 5-6 136 9
40 Patrick Rist TE 5-9 145 10
41 Seth Freeman DE 6-1 172 12
42 Brendan David RB 5-8 180 12
44 Evan Wheat LB 5-5 147 11
45 Carter Georges DE 6-2 190 12
47 Erik Rabensteiner TE 5-11 154 11
50 Evan Burgess OC 6-0 179 12
51 David Duplechain OG 5-8 187 12
52 Jackson Bolner TE 6-0 155 11
53 Parker Balisteri OG 5-6 165 10
54 Benjamin Bonnaffee OT 5-6 165 10
55 Mark Pennison DE 5-9 160 10
56 Tyler Nicolini LB 5-8 143 10
57 Michael Morel OG 5-8 245
58 Frederick Rabensteiner DE 5-10 184 12
59 Tyler Pazos OT 6-4 204 12
60 Frank Bretey OC/DT 5-10 285 12
61 Ethan Keller LB 5-9 163 10
62 Kinsley Vitter DE 5-8 130 10
65 Joseph Pellittieri OT 6-0 218
67 Patrick Labbe OG 5-8 255 10
71 Christian Hoz OT 6-5 313
72 Cullen Jennings DT 5-11 174 10
74 Nicolas Vaccaro OT 6-0 230 11
75 Stephen Landeche OT 6-1 262 12
77 Max Peragine DT 5-11 177 9
78 Grant Windom OG/DT 5-10 250 11
81 Daniel Labourdette WR 6-1 168 12
82 Angelo Lauro S 5-7 162 12
83 Cade Hontiveros WR 5-2 119 10
84 Joseph DiFranco WR 5-8 135 10
85 Austin Landeche WR 5-10 138 10
86 Seth Caillouet TE/DT/K 6-4 218
89 Triston Truxillo WR 5-5 132 10
90 Peyton LaBorde FB 5-8 170 12
99 Dalton Arcement DE 5-4 150 10


Head Varsity Football Coach Scott Wattigny

Coaching Philosophy

As head coach of Archbishop Hannan High School's football team, Coach Wattigny is focused on his role as mentor/leader. The central principle of my philosophy is to be a mentor -leader. I want to mentor the young men I coach so that they will become leaders themselves. I want them to become leaders in their respective households as fathers and husbands and also to be an active citizen in our society. I want to use the head coach position as a platform to impact and positively influence the young men that are under my direction. I want to inspire young men to want to achieve greatness and find passion in all that they do. Achieving greatness will never be limited to just the football field. I will use the game of football for what it is – a tool to teach young men the value of hard work, effort, work ethic, commitment, accountability, and most importantly humility. The game of football will allow our young men to learn these qualities, and it will be my job to ensure that they use them in their everyday lives and more importantly for their future. Some say the game football builds character. However, I believe that the game of football reveals character. A good coach gets his players to believe in him, and a great coach gets his players to believe in themselves. My job is to the shepherd our student-athletes to believe that they can accomplish all things through Christ.

Our motto is, "I am THIRD". I am THIRD stems from placing God first in our lives, our FAMILY second, and ourselves THIRD. We want God to be the driving force for every decision and action we make in our lives. I want our football team and staff to think about how their families will be affected by their decisions and actions. The family will not be limited to just our immediate family members – the term family will take on many different meanings for each individual who is a member of our team. Family could mean football team, school community, drama club, friends, etc. Lastly, our decisions and actions should never reflect our selfish desires. I want our entire football team and staff to understand that there has never been a good outcome when we reverse the order and put ourselves first before God and our family. Our team will embody this statement from every facet of our lives, and I will always lead our team with this in mind.

I believe in creating and instilling in every player a set of strong, character-building habits. What separates the heroes, leaders, champions, and saints of our time from everyone else is they just have formed better habits than the rest of us. Good habits equal good character. On the football field, you need both. We will stress and concentrate on creating good habits every day, and they will never be overlooked. Our habits will consist of doing the fundamentals right all the time. We will approach every technical repetition with precision and accuracy. I believe that fundamentals and technique override athletic ability more often than not. Teaching our young men to appreciate the little things in life will not only help them succeed on the football field, but it will also serve as a foundation upon which they can build when they exit our program and enter into the real world.

  • Head Coach
    Coach Wattigny is a native of New Orleans and an alumnus of Holy Cross High School (Class of 2005). He received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree from Northwestern State University where he played Defensive Line from 2005 to 2009. He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Teaching from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

    As a coach, Coach Wattigny most recently served as the Offensive and Defensive line coach for the 14-­-0, District and State Champion Class A (Division IV) Vermillion Catholic High School Eagles. He also co-led their strength and conditioning program for all student athletic programs.

    Prior to his time at Vermillion Catholic, he served as Assistant Football Coach/Co-­-Defensive Coordinator and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Brother Martin High School. Coach Wattigny’s coaching philosophy reflects his commitment to student-­-athlete formation. His strong Catholic faith, combined with his enthusiasm and passion for success, make him the kind of coach the Archbishop Hannan school community expects to see lead their team and students to a new chapter of success.

    As a coach, he is focused on his role as a mentor-­-leader to the young men he coaches, with the hope they grow into men who are committed to the Hannan motto, “Charity leads to perfection.” His goal is to use football to “teach young men the value of hard work, commitment, accountability."

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