Tailgating at Hannan

As we welcome our new football season, we are excited to return to tailgating for our home football games. As we transition back to our school year and our approaching football season, we would like to go over our tailgating experience for our new and returning parents. As weather permits, we will have all tailgating set up in the quad.

Please see the diagram below for the procedures that will be in place for tailgating in the quad. If the quad is unsuitable for tailgating, I will send out an official announcement of change. There will be a reserved spot for our seniors to have their tailgate set up. Afterwards it will be first come first served. In the event the quad is not suitable for set up due to weather there will be no tailgate for that day. Another important feature to the tailgating experience will be our spirit groups leading our football team into the stadium. As LSU has their march to the stadium we would like to continue our own “HAWK WALK” from the band room to the CAGE! After bringing our Hawks into the Cage to warm up for their game, our spirit groups will perform their traditional performances in the quad. The tailgating experience will continue in the quad after our Hawks are victorious by ringing the victory bell.

We ask that all tents and trash be picked up in a timely manner after the game. In closing, we want to remind you that there is no RE-ENTRY once you enter the stadium. In addition, we want to also remind you that there is no alcohol allowed in or around the stadium. We look forward to bringing back our tailgating tradition for a new season. If you have any further questions, please e-mail me at mperniciaro@hannanhigh.org.


Michael Perniciaro

Athletic Director

Tailgating Diagram

The pick-up and drop off zone is where tailgaters will come to drop off your tailgate equipment. The 2023 football tailgate experience will allow for tailgaters to come during 8-9 a.m on game days to either drop off or set up their tents and chairs. For security reasons, PLEASE CHECK IN UP FRONT and obtain a visitor’s badge. During this time, we ask that you do not leave any coolers with drinks or food. We are not responsible for damage or lost items. You will be allowed to return at 4 pm to complete your tailgate experience. The (X’s) mark where tents will be allowed to be set up. To enhance this year’s gameday experience, we are asking the area around “B” (Gymnasium) be left open. Our spirit groups will use this area to perform for our tailgaters prior to kickoff. We will have security walking the quad during the game for safety (Please note we are not responsible for lost or stolen items). Prior to the game, restrooms will be available and located in the 300 building (labelled C).

Unlike pre-game activity at many colleges and professional sporting events, tailgating at a high school game has restrictions that need to be respected and followed by everyone. In order to ensure our Hannan tailgates remain fun and family-friendly, we require that tailgaters comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on campus at any time.
  2. Archbishop Hannan High School is a tobacco free campus. Smoking (either conventional or vapor) is not permitted on campus at any time.
  3. While music is permitted, we do not permit songs with vulgar or obscene lyrics. Out of respect for everyone, we ask that tailgaters keep the music volume at a moderate level.
  4. Tailgaters are responsible for removing all trash from their respective area. A garbage dumpster is accessible behind the cafeteria.
  5. For safety and legal considerations, the gymnasium restrooms are only open during halftime and after the game. The only bathrooms available during the game are those located near the concession area.
  6. Profanity, intoxication, aggressive behavior and unsportsmanlike conduct are grounds for eviction from the campus.
  7. For safety and legal considerations, tailgating must end at 11:00 PM. No one is permitted on campus after the Administrator on Duty closes the school at 11:15 PM.

Tailgating at Archbishop Hannan provides our families another opportunity to gather together and support our athletes, band, cheerleading, and dance team members. Please help us ensure this wonderful tradition continues by complying with all our guidelines listed above. Geaux Hawks!