Athletic Policies

Athletic Handbook

All student-athletes and their families must read and understand the Athletic Section of the Archbishop Hannan Student-Parent Handbook which outlines expectations, policies and procedures for all athletic activities.

Participation Requirements

Before participating in athletics, every student must follow specific procedures and complete the necessary forms in order to participate in the Hannan athletic program. Students must:

  1. have an annual physical examination
  2. complete a pre-participation evaluation form
  3. submit signed consent forms

*The $60 Archbishop Hannan Strength and Conditioning fee is a required fee for participation in athletics. It covers all expenses associated with strength and conditioning training, including professional trainer fees, facility fees, Sandlot membership. This fee must be paid for every sport played.

Physical Examinations

As a service to our families and community, Archbishop Hannan has partnered with Ochsner Sports Medicine Institute to offer physical examinations at no cost to all Archbishop Hannan student athletes. Students interested in participating in athletics at any level, must have all required forms turned in to the team’s head coach prior to the first day of practice. Click here to download the LHSAA Athletic Packet.

NCAA Eligibility

All student-athletes interested in participating in athletics in college, must go to the NCAA Clearinghouse Website and register. Please click here for more information.

Levels of Competition

Depending on the size of the team, Archbishop Hannan offers up to three levels of competition in its athletic program.

  1. 8th Grade. For our young Hawks, 8th grade team play is designed to introduce students to the demands of interscholastic competition, the need to create a balance between academics and athletics, and the general philosophy of Hannan athletics. The developmental nature of both the 8th Grade and junior varsity levels make the opportunities for participation in practice and games a top priority of these programs.
  2. Junior Varsity. This level is designed to be more developmental in order to preparing athletes for varsity competition. It is considerably more demanding with respect to practice time, off-season training, and possible specialization. Coaches encourage more dedication at this level to maximize the potential of the athlete. The purpose of this maximization is two-fold: First, it gives the athlete a better opportunity to participate; and, second, the athlete will be able to contribute more to the success of the team. The developmental nature of both the 8th Grade and junior varsity levels make the opportunities for participation in practice and games a top priority of these programs.
  3. Varsity. Varsity level play is highly specialized, highly competitive, and demands the greatest level of commitment and dedication by both coach and athlete. Varsity competition is designed to be the culmination of Hannan’s athletic program both in the performance of our teams and the manner in which our athletes display and promote the philosophy and values of our athletic program.
Transfer Students

Athletes transferring to Archbishop Hannan High School must comply with all LHSAA eligibility requirements in order to compete their first year after transferring. Click here for basic LHSAA eligibility guidelines.


When provided, students must travel both to and from games on school transportation. Athletes may be released to their own parent(s) at the conclusion of the contest. If students are to ride home with anyone other than their own parent(s), they must have their parent(s) request permission before the day of the contest from the Principal or Athletic Director and their coach.

Early Dismissal

Although coaches make every attempt to schedule afternoon contests late enough to ensure a full day of school for its athletes, sometimes travel and special scheduling needs require early dismissal. It is the responsibility of the athlete to inform the teacher, discuss the procedure for make-up work, and obtain the evening’s or weekend’s homework assignment. Communication on the part of the athlete is essential to limiting the academic disruption of early dismissals.

Equipment Care and Obligations

Athletes are responsible for the proper care of all equipment they are issued for their respective sport(s). All uniforms should be washed separately in cold water and dried at a very low temperature to ensure minimal shrinkage and fading. Replacement of any equipment damaged by improper care, lost, or stolen, is the financial responsibility of the athlete. Because most team athletic apparel is custom made, replacement value can be up to twice as much as its original cost.

Process for Addressing Concerns

Because complaints can best be handled closest to the source, coaches immediately involved in the area of concern should first be contacted by the athlete or parent. This contact should not take place during or immediately after an athletic contest, but during regular school hours. If, after talking with the coach, the complainant still does not think that the policies and procedures outlined in the Athletic/Student Handbook are being followed, he/she may take the matter to the Athletic Director. If the procedural dispute is still not resolved at the initial administrative level, the complainant may take the issue to the Principal.

Coaching Evaluations

Like teachers and activity moderators, coaches are observed and evaluated by the Athletic Director and Principal.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, feel free to email or call (985-249-6363) the Archbishop Hannan Athletic Director, Mr. Michael Perniciaro.