Athletic Director's Message

Welcome to the Archbishop Hannan High school Athletics Site. My name is Michael Perniciaro and I serve as the Athletic Director. We are proud of our tradition of athletic excellence at Archbishop Hannan High School. With over 62% of our students actively involved in at least one sport, we compete at the highest level in ten interscholastic sports sanctioned by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association.

Our tradition is not just to win, but to win with honor. Such a tradition is worthy of the best efforts of all who are involved. Over the school’s history, our teams have won numerous conference, district, regional, and state titles. Besides our team success, many student-athletes have won individual state championships, established state records, and achieved All-State and even All-American status.

If you have any questions regarding our athletic program, feel free to contact me at 985-249-6363 or send me an email.

Our Athletic Philosophy

With an enrollment of just under 700 students, our coaches strive to allow as many students as possible to participate and share the experience and benefits derived from team membership. Our athletes receive more individualized attention and training from their coaches. In addition, they have the opportunity to compete at an earlier age and develop their skills alongside older, more experienced teammates. Our coaches emphasize the development of basic skills, appropriate attitudes, values, and team concepts. Participation at the varsity level is generally limited to the most highly skilled players and those with the ability to interact with other players for team success.

We believe that athletics should function as an integral part of the total curriculum and conform to the overall mission of Archbishop Hannan High School. Athletics provide an avenue for the student to learn from the highs and lows, successes and failures, accomplishments and setbacks, which will help him or her move toward maturity. Through athletics, the Archbishop Hannan student can find the enjoyment, personal satisfaction, accomplishment, friendship, and gratification that develops a positive self-appreciation coming from his or her teammates and coaches. Athletics provide another area where the student athlete can develop fully the gifts and talents God has given him or her.