Cheerleading is an intense physical activity based upon organized routines. Like many sports, it takes strength, endurance, teamwork, discipline and dedication. In addition to these skills, athletes who choose to be a part of the Archbishop Hannan squad will develop many life skills: balance, goal setting, sportsmanship, leadership, cooperation, teamwork, self-motivation and self confidence. Athletes are challenged to reach their full potential and encouraged to develop emotional maturity.

JV Cheerleading

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The Hannan Hawk Cheer Squad consists of talented young women and men, committed to keeping the rich Hannan cheerleading tradition alive. With the assistance of Varsity Coach Mrs. Stacey Rase ,and Junior Varsity Coach, Mrs. Jamie Pence, the fans have witnessed a number of new and exciting twists and turns to the cheer routines. The cheerleaders practice four days a week and provide support for all school sports. They also participate at state and regional cheerleading competitions, as well as perform at various school and community events. Cheer is a year-round sport that provides team members the opportunity to hone their cheer skills while spreading Hannan Hawk spirit on campus and beyond.