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1:1 MacBook Air Program

A Hands-On Approach to Technology and Learning

The Archbishop Hannan High School 1:1 MacBook Air Program puts powerful technology into students’ hands. The intent: increase productivity and engagement, enhance communication and collaboration, and expand possibilities for creative expression.

Starting freshman year, the MacBook Air issued to the students will be theirs for the following four years. At the end of their senior year, the students will have the option to buy out the lease on the MacBook Air and own the device. Eighth graders do receive a MacBook Air, but at the end of their 8th grade year the devices returned to the school and they are issued a new device for the next four years.

Our Technology Department provides on-site hardware and software assistance during regular school hours and email support outside of school hours.

MacBook Air Distribution and Training

Eighth graders and new 9th graders receive their MacBook Air and training in July or early August to prior to New Student Orientation. Students will do all device set-ups and logins as well as get some basic training on the MacBook Air. All new students and their parents attend a technology orientation where policies and procedures are explained. Returning 9th-12th graders utilize their MacBook Air over the summer to complete assignments.

Parent Responsibilities

At Archbishop Hannan, we believe parents are the primary educators of their children. For this reason, parents are required to read and acknowledge the MacBook Air Policies and Procedures Handbook prior to the issuing of the MacBook Air.

1:1 Learning

In Archbishop Hannan’s 1-to-1 learning environment, all faculty and students have access to to a MacBook Air. This unique 1-to-1 learning environment makes the education process more interactive and positively transforms the way teaching and learning takes place by:

  • Promoting development of collaboration, communication and information literacy skills
  • Supporting more individualized student learning
  • Creating opportunities for “just in time learning” through spontaneous access to information
  • Extending the classroom beyond four walls