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Technology pervades school life for students, teachers and even parents, whether through our 1:1 iPad Program, on-site classroom technology, or through parent-focused online portals. Our goal is to empower our students with both confidence and competence in our technology-driven world. For parents, technology offers them an additional way to interact with teachers, staff and student information.

Archbishop Hannan recognizes the value of instilling in every student the 21st century skills necessary to become confident, capable, self-directed, lifelong learners who can successfully navigate an information driven global society.

To support all these resources, Hannan’s Technology Department is here to help. We provide training and support to faculty, and encourage them to incorporate technology in teaching and learning. We also provide technical support for all the hardware and software on campus used by employees and students.

Technology at Hannan

  1. Students receive an Apple iPad Air2 each academic year.
  2. Faculty utilize an iPad Air2 and laptop computer to aid instruction.
  3. SmartBoards in 26 classrooms facilitate instructor-class interaction.
  4. Ceiling mounted LCD projectors and wallmounted flat screens in every classroom.
  5. Digital document cameras in 15 classrooms throughout various departments.
  6. Classroom sets of laptops throughout the school.
  7. Computer lab with 25 Dell desktop computers.