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Fine Arts

Fine Arts/Technology Summer Reading Assignment 2019-2020

“Censored” by Maria McConville

“Censored” by Maria McConville tells the story of a school art show that becomes entangled in controversy when a student displays a divisive piece. In turn, the community must consider challenging questions regarding freedom of speech, the suitability and purpose of art, and – ultimately – the cost of censorship.

Assignment: Identify one or more lines from any particular speaker with which you strongly agree or disagree. Then, in a 2-3 paragraph (8th-9th grade) or 3-5 paragraph (10th-12th grade) response, justify or refute the speaker’s claim. Responses should consider both the positive and negative aspects of censorship and ultimately convey your personal stance on the play’s greater questions: what is the purpose of art and the cost of censorship?

The one act drama has been purchased by the school and will be available for pick up on Book Day.

Students enrolled in any of the following Fine Arts and/or Technology courses must complete the aforementioned reading and assignment:

Art I, II, III and AP

Theatre I and II

Film Studies

Intro to Music



Beginning Choir

Intermediate Choir

Digital Photography

Graphic Design

Intro to Media

Publications I and II

TV Production I and II

Digital Journalism


Computer Applications
At the start of school, your Fine Arts or Technology teacher will determine a due date for the assignment. Responses should be typed, printed, and meet the length requirement indicated for your respective grade level.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the assignment, you may email Jamie Alonzo-Watts at or Dr. H at