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Research Databases

Resources for Student Research

With so much information easily available to students in a 21st century world, it can be confusing and overwhelming. In a college preparatory school, the use of academic databases is essential. Google and Wikipedia, while fun and informative, are not sources for scholarly information. With this in mind, Archbishop Hannan High School provides access to a number of databases that provide relevant, balanced, and appropriate places for students to search.

We have designed the list below to assist students (and parents) in choosing the best database for the assignment. Once you have found the right database(s), simply click on the database to the right and follow the instructions. All these databases are available anywhere you have an internet connection. For more assistance or guidance, feel free to email or telephone the Archbishop Hannan Library (985-249-6363 ext. 2201).

  • Proquest Databases: eLibrary Curriculum
  • Proquest Databases: Learning Literature
  • InfoBase Databases: Blooms: Literature
  • InfoBase Databases: Chelsea House Biographies Onliline
  • Proquest Databases: SIRS Knowledge Source
  • EBSCO Databases: St. Tammany Public Library (Library Card Required)
History/Social Studies
  • Proquest Databases eLibrary Curriculum
  • Proquest Databases History Study Center
  • Proquest Databases SIRS Knowledge Source
  • InfoBase Databases World Religions Online
  • EBSCO Databases St. Tammany Public Library (Library Card Required)
  • Scholastic GO!
  • Proquest Databases eLibrary Curriculum
  • Proquest Databases SIRS Knowledge Source
  • EBSCO Databases St. Tammany Public Library (Library Card Required)
  • GALE Science Interactive Database
  • Proquest Databases eLibrary Curriculum
  • Proquest Databases
  • SIRS Knowledge Source
  • InfoBase Databases World Religions Online
  • EBSCO Databases St. Tammany Public Library (Library Card Required)

Access Our Online Resources

Archbishop Hannan Library Catalog

Our online catalog is a resource for searching Archbishop Hannan's library collection by keyword, title, author, subject or series. It is accessible at school as well as at home (with proper authentification).

Click Here to Access the Online Card Catalog

Infobase Research Database

Bloom’s Literary Reference Online is the definitive source for literature-related topics and research. It covers authors, works, criticism, themes, characters, and even features a section for students to get advice on writing good papers on certain literary topics.

World Religions Online: World Religions Online explores religion and spirituality in an objective manner, from the ceremonies of the first practitioners to the elaborate rituals of today. The database features:

  • Focused and thorough coverage of 11 major religions, plus new and alternative religions: core essays covering all the basic information on the beliefs, practices, and history of each major religion;
  • Specially chosen support entries showing at a glance the important spiritual leaders, main holy days and festivals, and key topics and terms, and providing information on sacred texts;
  • Entries on new and alternative religions for complete coverage
  • Topic Centers: informative introductory pages focusing on major religions and featuring links to core essays, fact files, timelines, image and video galleries, and more; the perfect starting point for research
  • Videos: engaging iPad/mobile-friendly videos arranged in easy-to-use galleries, bringing to life spiritual traditions from around the world.

Click here to Access the InfoBase Database

  • Username: hannan
  • Password: hawks2013


ProQuest is a periodical database that provides access to articles from 1,480 publications and reference materials.

  1. eLibrary Curriculum Edition: Students find the answers they need from more than 2,000 full-text and multimedia sources, and can access History Study Center and ProQuest Learning: Literature. Great resource for research papers.
  2. eLibrary Science: Offers laser-focused science content and tools along with unique video and dozens of manipulative's found in no other online science reference product.
  3. History Study Center: Offers invaluable historical reference material that covers 14 centuries of history, from ancient to modern, old world to new world.
  4. SIRS Knowledge Source: A comprehensive portal for students with best-of content selected to support research, study, and homework in key curricula subjects.
Access the ProQuest Database

Click Here to Access the Proquest Database

  • Username: ahhs
  • Password: hawks2013
  • Click on the "My Products" button
  • Choose the database you want to use.

GALE Database

The GALE database is an online research database to aid students in their projects.

The password is hawks2013.

The location ID to access the data base is mera94883.

Click here to log onto the Gale Database Index

EBSCO Database - St. Tammany Parish Public Library

Students with a St. Tammany Parish library card library card may access the Libraries' EBSCO databases , which include:

  • EBSCO Host Research Databases– all topics and subject matter
    • Student Reference Center – all topics and subject matter – easier for students to navigate and comprehend
    • History Reference Center – articles of historical significance
    • Literary Reference Center - English, including specific pieces of literature, authors, and critical material
    • Science Reference Center – articles for any science related topic
  • Gale Group Databases (A GREAT resource)
    • Academic OneFile - all topics and subjects
    • Gale Biography in Context – information on people
    • Gale Opposing Views in Context – history and contemporary issues
    • Literature Resource Center – English
    • Scribner Writer Series - English
    • Twayne Author Series – Englsih (Young Adult authors)

If you do not have a St. Tammany Parish Library Card , stop by any St. Tammany Parish Library and fill out an application. The card is free. The benefits are many.

Click Here to Access the St. Tammany Public Library EBSCO Databases

(Please Note: after clicking on the link above you will be required to enter your 14 digit St. Tammany Parish Library Card. You cannot access the database without a library card number. Once you have entered the number, click on the links for the EBSCO Database that relates to your topic of study.)