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Robotics ... The Varsity Sport for the Mind

Robotics combines the practical application of science and technology with the fun, intense energy, and excitement of a championship-style sporting event. Best of all, Archbishop Hannan students can get involved in Robotics as a class, or join the Robotics Team as an extracurricular activity.

Our Robotics I class covers topics in mechanical design, electricity, and computer science. Creativity, along with an interplay of disciplines, is needed to brainstorm, design, build and program devices that can solve a problem, such as navigating a maze. This is experiential learning at its best; there is no roadmap and no recipe, and the greatest requirements for success are curiosity and perseverance.

It's the closest thing to “real-world” engineering as a student can get.

The ultimate goal of the Hannan Robotics team and class is to build a robot to play against other teams from around the world in a game-based engineering challenge. A variety of STEM concepts is put to the test on the playing field as students learn lifelong skills in teamwork, leadership, communications, and more. Tournaments are held year-round at the regional, state, and national levels; local champions go on to compete against the best in the world at VEX Worlds each April!

Membership on Team Robohawk is available to all students in grades 8th – 12th and no prior experience are required. Team members must demonstrate a willingness to learn and become an active and responsible member of the team. Because Team Robohawk is structured much like a small technology firm – with both a build and business divisions – it is managed and run by different students and mentors. While some students may find that their interests overlap, both sides of the team work coherently to offer a wide variety of opportunities for the team and its members.