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Finding College Financial Assistance

The “FAFSA” is the federal government’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid required for consideration for any federal college grants or loans. Louisiana’s in-state tuition assistance program, TOPS, also requires the FAFSA. Complete information on this application can be found here.

Louisiana Student Financial Aid Programs
LOFSA Resources
Federal Student Financial Aid Programs
  • US Department of Education: A great site for general information on federal student aid programs.
  • FAFSA Forecaster: This tool helps you forecast your eligibility for various forms of federally sponsored student financial assistance.
  • FAFSA on the Web: Your portal for submitting a Federal Student Aid application)
  • PIN: (This Web site is your source of information for the Federal Student Aid PIN. Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) can be used each year to electronically apply for federal student aid and to access your Federal Student Aid records online.)
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