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College Counseling

The college application process is an exciting time in a student’s life. It is an important opportunity for students to build confidence and competence – two important traits colleges look for in successful applicants. We believe that the college search, application, and decision-making process should be student-focused. The goal of of our college counseling program is to help students discover who they are and articulate what they are hoping for from their college experience. We help students identify their strengths, weaknesses and goals and provide practical and timely information about applying to college.

Planning for college should begin during Junior year, when students start taking college readiness exams such as the PSAT, ACT and SAT. Open communication between the parent and the college counselor is very important as the student begins the college application and selection process. Our college counselor (and Director of Guidance and Counseling), provides information and support to students and their families throughout the college application process. Individual meetings with students and parents take place through the second semester of junior year, during the end of the summer, and throughout the first semester of senior year. We encourage an open minded exploration of a variety of colleges to find the best fit, a process we feel sets the student up for academic and personal success.