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Inspiring Excellence
Our Athletes have built a tradition of winning. Over the school’s 25 year history, our teams and individual athletes have won conference, district, regional, and state titles.
Forming Faith
Athletics provide another area where the student athlete can develop fully the gifts and talents God has given him or her.
Building Character
Through athletics, the Archbishop Hannan student can find the enjoyment, accomplishment, friendship, and gratification that helps to develop a positive self image.


Baseball - Mens Varsity
Baseball - Mens Varsity
Baseball - Mens Varsity
Baseball - Mens Varsity
Baseball - Mens Varsity

Our Head Coaches

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Jamie Alonzo - Watts

Faculty - Fine Arts, PLC Chair, Art I, Art II, Art III

Rebekka Bonnaffee

Faculty - PE, PLC Chair , Assistant Athletic Director, Physical Education, Theology I, Varsity Volleyball Head Coach

Christopher Buse

Faculty-Theology, Theology II, World Religons

Karen Davis

Faculty-Social Studies, American History, Civics, Varsity Cross Country Head Coach, Girls Varsity Track and Field Head Coach

Joseph Hines

Athletic Director, Dean of Discipline, Dean of Discipline

Jerry Kennedy

Head Coach Varsity Soccer - Girls