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Summer Assignments

Studies show that summer reading loss is a reality that has a profound impact on student learning. The ability to read well affects learning in all subject areas. Research points to several important considerations when making decisions about summer reading. One consideration is the need for practice of this critical academic skill. Practice builds fluency and speed, both of which are critical for comprehension. The importance of summer reading lies not only in what a student reads but also the engagement in the act of reading. Students are more likely to read books during the summer if they are assigned texts that are memorable, meaningful, and accessible.

Furthermore, numerous studies have shown that students begin to lose higher level math skills when not practiced over a series of months. In order to avoid this and keep the student prepared for the next school year, the Archbishop Hannan Math Department assigns course specific worksheets.

With these considerations in mind, we have established the following procedure for summer assignments at Archbishop Hannan High School:

1.All students will read two books: one required for each English course and one for each Math course.

2. Print and turn in your completed assignments on the first day of school to your English and Math teachers.

3. Complete the math worksheets as designated on the Math Summer Assignments tab. These must be printed and completed to be turned in on the first day of class to your Math teacher.

We invite parents to be involved in reading with their children this summer. The discussion and closeness this engenders are priceless. If you have any questions, contact Ashley Puntila (English Department Chair) at or Laura Lowe (Math Department Chair) at