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The Archbishop Hannan Curriculum

At Hannan, our diverse courses allow students to explore a variety of academic disciplines – everything from the arts to the hard sciences. This diversity allows students to unlock a world of potential passions, interests and careers. With careful planning, students can leave Hannan High with a solid foundation for future academic work, possible college credits to help them on their way, and a love of learning to last a lifetime.

When thinking about your specific academic goals, remember that not all courses are offered each year, and many courses have prerequisites that must be satisfied. Our guidance department will be happy to help you chart your academic path.

Required Program of Study (32 Credits)

  • English — 4 years
  • Theology — 4 years
  • Modern Language — 2 years
  • Mathematics — 4 years
  • Fine Arts — 2 Years
  • Health and Physical Education — 2 Years
  • Social Studies — 4 years
  • Science — 4 years
  • Computer Science – 1 Year
  • The remaining 5 elective credits may be taken in any of the academic subjects.

The Curriculum Guide

The Archbishop Hannan High School Curriculum Guide details the academic opportunities available to each student. In addition to course descriptions, the Guide also contains general academic information and policies. Click here to download a copy. For more specific information or questions, feel free to call or email our Academic Dean, Dr. Donalyn Hassenboehler.